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Warning In any of the following circumstances, never watch the good films SoleWe recommends. Otherwise, you are trashing the film itself and insulting all the film-makers! In the end, only when the conditions are suitable and you want to see some type of good film/tv, do you visit SoleWe for reference! Trust me, SoleWe will be the ultimate destination for any high-quality film/tv lovers!
Why we don't recommend going to the cinema There are two kinds of movies that people need and like but are not suitable to enjoy in a movie theater (instead, they are suitable for single one to taste quietly at home): they are really good "classic movies" and "adult films"! All the rest rubbish films are suitable for playing at the cinema, and have a high box office sometimes. Because no one really wants to watch the movie in a place like that. Just think of this - what kind of person would like to go to the cinema, then it is easy to understand this truth!