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A little common sense

As of 2018, IMDB has included 4,734,693 Film/TV Titles: (Year Range: 1874 - 2025) (see details). Let's calculate:

Suppose that a person can keep a clear mind to live to be 100, and watches movies 24 hours a day, tjem he/she will be able to watch 100*365*24*60 = 52560000 minutes of film all his/her life.

We don't count the films that have not been included by IMDB, the banned movies, the obscure ones, as well as all the ones that will be taken out and included in you the rest of your life. Instead, we only calculate the film or TV works that have now been included by IMDB - as of writing this post, it's 4,734,693. Assuming that the average length of them is only 45 minutes (just think of it as the length of a TV episode):

That is to say, in the future 400 years, you can only finish watching about a third of all filems that collected by IMDB between 1874 and 2025! What's more, in 400 years, at least another 4,734,693 * n times of new films will be out...

Think of this problem from another angle, if billions of people around the world does this job at the same time, what will happen? This way, we will be able to filter all the movies (including the ones that have not been collected by IMDB yet and the ones that are coming out every day) within a short time by getting the union of movies that every one of us has watched. Similarly, the intersection of everyone's favorite movies is just the the best films collection in the world!

What's SoleWe

If you are a guy who likes watching movies, but don't want to waste a lot of time to "verify", "filter" those countless film/TV works, then you come to the right place. The reason is very simple, every film/TV play here was well received by numerous audiences around the world and stood the test of time. SoleWe does not collect any so-called "excellent work" that only has box office but no public praise. Meanwhile, we won't miss any classic that is really excellent but buried due to poor promotion and bad management. In short words - SoleWe neither puts in any garbage movie, nor lets any classic work slide! At SoleWe, you will not only save your life, but also have a good mood and experience for watching movies!

Every film or TV series here is really worth your time to repeatedly taste many times!

SoleWe's Mission

Personally, I like watching the classic movies only, quietly and again and agin. But I found a common problem - it is really difficult for each of us to come across a good film work. You have to search and collect them one by one everywhere, and finally verify whether that is a good work or not by yourself. The result is we always waste a great deal of time for this.

Thereupon, I thought that I could share the good film titles I have found and validated, so as to save others' a lot of valuable time spent on the same thing. In the end, I decided to set up SoleWe to achieve this purpose.

At the same time, I do hope anybody who likes high-quality movies can also share your collection of movies to us all, in order to help save more HQ film lovers' too much time and energy spent on searching, finding and verifying the excellent movie works around.

To save time is to lengthen our life, isn't it?

Finally, please note that: the selection of these films is totally based on my personal value system, and this site is only for the like-minded people, not for everyone!

Blacklist mechanism

Unlike any other film recording or collecting websites, SoleWe also records the inferior film titles and put them in our blacklist while collecting the classics. This blacklist is created and maintained by everyone (as a consequence, some of the films in the blacklist may be "rehabilitated"). And it's main role is for reference: before you decide to watch a movie, you can try to search it in our blacklist database. If it's there, then you can first see what other thought of it after watching, so as to decide whether it's worthy of spending your valuable and little time and money on it.

That's why we also call SoleWe as the "classic film compass" + "junk film killer!

The way we collect movies

The recommendation is from every enthusiastic user of SoleWe, then it is up to everyone to decide whether a movie is good enough to be permanently included in the SoleWe database.

Facts about the identification of film quality

For any song, no matter who sang it, and we even do not need to see what its name is and how many times it was played..., just listen to this song for 10 ~ 30 seconds, then we can conclude if this song is worthy of being added into your favorite collection immediately or just a rubbish that you never want to hear again. In a similar way, for the movie, don't just look at its profile, poster or even name, as well as its director and star. Especially, do not go to see how much its so-called box office is. Because, all of these are just false appearance made up by merchants or "contributed" by couples. Instead, as long as you can quietly watch one movie for about 10 minutes, I do believe that's enough for any person who focuses on film quality to immediately decide whether a movie is a classic masterpiese or just a trashy work that only has box office but no public praise.