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Kagero II: Dark Illusion (影牢II -Dark illusion-) in Japan.

Trapt was marketed as Kagero II: Dark Illusion in Japan. Players now control Princess Allura, a maiden who runs away from her kingdom after being framed for the murder of her father, and who enters into a similar demonic contract with a being known only as "Fiend" to get revenge on her pursuers.


[ Detailed Description ]

This game, aside from being the first entry on a next-generation system, utilized what were known as "Dark Illusions" -- specialty traps which were contained within the room of any given castle, and required a special sequence of triggers in order to be used, with the payoff being greater damage done to the invaders and a generally more spectacular presentation.

Furthermore, at certain points in the storyline, side stories could be explored which presented some alternate scenarios from the main plotline, providing more backstory on the game's events.


Included in the game's menu was a Survival Mode, which pitted Allura against waves of invaders with only nine traps at her disposal—three ceiling, three wall, and three floor.

Creating new traps necessitated the spending of "Warl", like Ark and Dreak before it, and was done similarly to Kagero through the use of a logical tree.

Secret traps and settings could be purchased with Warl by finishing the game and unlocking the three endings, collecting preset amounts of Ark, or by killing all encountered invaders.

Saving the game requires 64K of free space on the PS2 memory card.


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[ Notes ]

If you cann't access all the download links above, please feel free to E-mail us, we will try our best to send you the accessable download link which suitable for you within 24 hours!

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